Dana and Alison host a weekly podcast where they seek and give free therapy by telling you their problems, asking you to tell them your problems, and then praying to God any of it works out.

We're basically the opposite of Oprah.

Dana and Alison are not qualified and the Absolute Worst.

Dana's underwear constantly falls off of her body and Alison's vagina has atrophied...literally.

In the Absolute Worst Podcast we discuss anything you write to us about, Alison's general sluttiness, and the chaos that chases Dana around like the plague.
Did I mention that we're both wives and mothers??? Everything's wrong. 


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We hope you'll be able to feel better about yourselves after hearing how our lives are in shambles.

If you have a friend who's depressed, send them our podcast.  The worse our lives get, the more you'll regain the willingness to live.

And maybe together we can all find the next Oprah somewhere out there...

Get started here! They only get better/worse... 

Episode 1: The Dildo Theory

Alison has a theory that might help you get through a tough day. It's unpleasant...

Episode 2: Alison's Ailments

Alison and Dana talk shop and try to help a couple of people with work related questions.

Episode 3: Jobs Blow

Alison has a bunch of stuff wrong with her. She wants to know if you can help. You'll feel peaceful about your life after this...

Episode 4: Pacino and the Poops

This episode kicks off with a very special Absolute Yourst (these are YOUR Absolute Worst experiences) that involves Al Pacino, gluten, and an audition gone horribly wrong. 


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