Absolute Worst Hosts


Dana Powell


Known best for her role as Cam's sister, Pam, on ABC's 'Modern Family', Powell used comedy growing up to come out of her shy shell. Powell trained at Missouri State University where she earned her BFA in Theatre Performance. After moving to Los Angeles, Powell began comedy improv training at iOWest, UCB, and The Groundlings, where she quickly moved up the ranks and began performing on several house teams including the prestigious Groundlings' Sunday Company. She also coaches and teaches at various theatres in LA.

You may recognize Dana from projects such as Bridesmaids, Modern Family, Veep, The Office, Arrested Development, Blackish, and the 2017 revival of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Alison Royer is from Chicago but got most of her improv experience while working on the mainstage at Improv Asylum in Boston.  She has performed her one-woman show, "Everything Is Literally Terrible All The Time," to sold out audiences across the country.  In her blog, This Is Going To Work,  Alison recounts horrific life experiences like marriage, childbirth and shopping for pants.

You may recognize Alison from a non-union commercial that's running in Colorado right now... well not all of Colorado, it"s mostly in the Denver area. Regardless, she's doing terribly.

Alison Royer


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How We Met

After seeing Dana at a casting workshop which Dana claims to have never attended, Alison stalked Dana online and asked her to perform in Alison's two-person show, "Date Night."  For unknown reasons, Dana agreed.  Shortly afterwards and without explanation, Alison started calling Dana every morning.  After seeing Alison's one-woman show, "Everything Is Literally Terrible All The Time," Dana asked Alison to do something called a podcast.  Alison continues to not fully understand what one is.  Most recently, Alison saw Dana's vagina during a group bath situation thereby sealing their fate as best friends.