Absolute Worst Guests 

Occasionally, we invite guests to come answer your Absolute Worst Therapy questions!  Past guests have been comprised of comedians, actual licensed professional therapists, sex educators, and AWP OGs.  Since neither Dana nor Alison are at all qualified to give advice, we do our best to seek experts that can help us navigate life.  Past guests include: 


Ayden Mayeri - Episode 7

You may recognize Ayden from New Girl, Workaholics, or Life in Pieces.  Starting on November 2nd, you can watch her in Amazon’s Homecoming alongside Julia Roberts. 

Steve Hytner - Episode 74

Steve Hytner is famously known for playing Kenny Bania on Seinfeld. His podcast, “That’s Gold with Steve Hytner” covers everything from sports betting to pop culture. You can listen to it here.

Molly Hawkey - Episode 73

Molly is famously known for editing herself into The Bachelor.  She is also the creator/host of one of our favorite podcasts, Spermcast, which is Molly’s very personal quest to find a sperm donor.  Spermcast was featured in both The Washington Post as well as The Huffington Post.  You can listen to Spermcast here.  

Molly Erdman - Episode 69

You may recognize Molly from her hilarious BreakWomb videos on YouTube or perhaps you’re familiar with her blog/book, Catalog Living. You can find out more about Molly on her website: www.mollyerdman.com.

Richie Moriarty - Episode 63

Richie is something called a, “working actor.” You can check him out on his website: www.richiemoriarty.com/

Fortune Feimster - Episode 59

You may recognize Fortune from Last Comic Standing, Chelsea Lately, and The Mindy Project.  She is also a hilarious stand-up!  Check out her website for tour dates!  http://www.fortunefeimster.com/

Jillian Bell - Episode 55

You may recognize Jillian from her role alongside Scarlett Johansson in Rough Night or Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street or maybe you noticed her in Curb Your Enthusiasm or perhaps you remember when she was a writer on SNL.  Most importantly, you may have heard of her company, Neon Witch which creates t-shirts for girls and guys who want to own their anxiety or depression.  Go get a shirt at neonwitch.com and don’t forget to use your promo code (AWP20) to receive 20% off!!!



Ryan Gaul - Episode 51

Ryan can currently be seen on the new TBS show, The Last OG where he plays Tiffany Haddish’s husband! The Last OG is produced by Jordan Peele and stars Tracy Morgan. It is so funny, go watch it!

Dave Razowsky - Episode 48

Dave is an alumni of Second City Chicago where he performed with an all-star cast including Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert and Amy Sedaris. He teaches and performs improv all over the world. You can follow his whereabouts and also hear his therapy-adjacent podcast, ADD Podcast, at his website, www.davidrazowsky.com/.

Eric Stonestreet - Episode 44

Eric is an Emmy-award-winning actor,  best known for his role as Cam on Modern Family.

Lucy Madeline - Episode 42

Lucy is a sexual health educator and social practice artist. As a Planned Parenthood educator, she taught sex ed in over 41 schools and organizations in Santa Fe, working with families, teens and adults. In 2013, she co-taught Psychology of Women at Santa Fe University and continues to lecture on topics including the anthropology of menstruation and the politics of birth control. She is currently earning a Master of Social Work in Violence and Injury Prevention at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. www.lucymadelinestudio.com

Jess Rona - Episode 39

Rona is an actor, comedian and dog groomer based in LA who famously shoots music videos using slow-mo shots of her doggy clients. Her ingenuity has garnered over 100K followers on Instagram (@jessronagrooming) and she has been featured in the LA Times, Marie Claire and InStyle magazine. Her ability to turn everyday pups into overnight sensations has attracted a slew of famous puppy owners and Rona’s Instagram is peppered with celebrity dog-owners like Katy Perry, Tegan and Sara, and Taylor Schilling. 

Ben Jamison - Episode 35

Ben Jamison is the author of the book: Church-Free Spirituality: How to Craft a Spiritual Practice Beyond the Bounds of Religion.  Ben is a licensed spiritual counselor through Centers for Spiritual Living and has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology.  You can read more about him at his website: http://www.benjamison.com/.

Sarah Baker - Episode 30

You may recognize Sarah as Zack Galifianakis’ wife in The Campaign or from the NBC sitcom Go On or as Thea Cunningham in HBO’s Big Little Lies!

Ron Geren - Episode 25

Ron is an actor, director, and photographer based in Venice, CA. He just recently wrapped the independent film "Dreamer" Written and directed by Nick Miller and Johnny Zwick. Ron is currently in rehearsal for the upcoming PRT production of "True West" by Sam Shepard. You can check out his photography at www.geren.photography.

Brian Gallivan - Episode 24

Brian has written for shows like Happy Endings and Future Man on Hulu. He also created The McCarthys for CBS. You may also recognize him as the Sassy Gay Friend YouTube videos. Watch them here.

Jeremy Brothers - Episode 18

Jeremy is the Artistic Director of Improv Asylum in Boston. He is also Alison's caretaker, mentor, and spiritual guru. 

Carol Potter, MFT - Episode 16

In episode 1, Alison revealed that her first therapist ever turned out to be Cindy Walsh from the hit 90’s show, Beverly Hills 90210. In this episode we welcome Carol Potter aka Cindy Walsh aka All Of Alison’s Heroes Combined Into One Person.