Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Dana call Dan Tipton by his full name?

Dan Tipton is Dana's husband.  She often refers to him by his full name.  Many AWP listeners have inquired about this phenomenon so we have chosen to address it here.  For starters, Dan and Dana have been married for millions of years and dated for even longer.  In the beginning of their courtship, Dana was so smitten with Dan Tipton, she couldn't help but refer to him by his full name whenever she referenced him which was (and is) literally all the time.  Furthermore, Dana kept her maiden name after marrying Dan Tipton and wants to avoid any confusion as to what Dan's last name is.  It is not Powell.  It is Tipton.  Dan Tipton.


How do I write into the Absolute Worst Podcast? 

There are a few ways to write into the podcast. You can email us at  or if you want to be super duper anonymous, just click on the Contact Us tab and even we won't know it's you. There's a space for your email, but you don't have to fill it out! All we need is a fake name, a subject, and your message. You can also DM us through our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  All feedback, questions and Absolute Yoursts are totally anonymous.  Your secrets are safe with us!


I don't want anyone to know I'm writing in. Will my question, yourst, or feedback be anonymous? 

Yes!! We always keep our listeners anonymous unless they specifically ask us to break their anonymity (we're looking at you Michelle Plyem)!


I want to write in but I don't know if what I have to say is interesting or funny. What should i write in about? 

We love to receive feedback, Absolute Yoursts, and questions for the Absolute Worst Therapy segment of our podcast! You don't have to be funny or interesting, just be honest! No question is too trivial or small. No Yourst is too boring. No feedback is unwanted. Please write in about literally anything. 


I love your podcast and want to support you! Can I send you money or gifts? 

We love you for listening to our podcast and wanting to support us! Thank you!! As of right now, we don't have a way for you to send us anything (but we're working on it). The best way to support us currently is to rate and review us on iTunes!! It helps more than you know. Oh yeah...and go to your neighbor's house, knock on their door, and tell them all about our podcast. 


Should I ask my spouse if we can have an open marriage?

No!! PLEASE write in with specifics about your marital issues before you ask your spouse for an open marriage.